Hide "Update if found" Tasks if not found


This might be a slightly controversial ask, as I’m unsure how the Immy partners feel about this.

I’d much prefer if tasks with a desired state of “update only if it is already installed” did not show in a session list if the software is not found.
This mentality could also be applied to software that meets any desired state during the first detection pass. (Uninstall and already done, updated already, installed already, etc.)
This would allow us to build ‘update if found’ deployments more nonchalantly to patch 3rd party software globally without building a deployment for every app on every tenant. Ideally, tasks/software would only show in a session “Action” list for clients that use those apps (or have them enforced) when something was really done to the software or machine.
I would still expect the evaluation and result to be in “View logs,” though, as troubleshooting could become tricky otherwise.

I’ve run into a situation a few times where a tech with a company we co-manage sees one of these items and questions why it is running against their machines when they do not use the software. It’s an easy explanation, but a conversation we’ve had to repeat a few times now.
This would also help get a less convoluted picture of what happened in the session instead of needing to check each item when there’s a single green “detect” bar.

This may be better to turn into an option as well; The ad-hoc deployment screen has most of what I’d want.
The “hide no-action” option on the session screen would be fantastic, especially if we are given the option to select a personal (or instance-wide) default.

TL;DR, I want no-action items in the “View Actions” menu to not appear, but there are many ways to skin that cat on the dev side. I’m curious to hear your takes/ideas.