Honor the "Sync computers from Automate" checkbox

I don’t know if this is so much of a Feature Request as a bug report, so this may be in the wrong place. But we have this box checked in the Automate integration and it doesn’t appear to be working properly. Machines that have been retired from Automate aren’t being removed from Immy. Same with machines that have been moved in Automate (they don’t get moved in Immy).

This really should be broken up into:

  1. Remove the “Sync computers from Automate checkbox” as it does nothing
  2. Moved machines in Automate should be moved in Immy - Since Immy wants to be the source of truth, we wouldn’t entertain this.
  3. Remove machines that have been removed from Automate. We only remove a machine once it has no more agents. If you think wholistically about it, it makes sense. Eventually we’re going to have Offboarding sessions where we remove all the agents from a machine and retire them in the APIs of their respected systems.
  1. That makes sense.
  2. I get it, but for anyone who can’t yet treat Immy as the source of truth, it either adds more work or more mess.
  3. This also makes sense. And I can appreciate it because it’s definitely been a source of frustration to find that a machine is still in Control, long after it was supposed to have been offboarded. That said, if you want Immy to be the place where offboarding happens, I think you should make Immy the place where moving agents takes place as well. That could go some of the way towards addressing #2. If machines were moved in Immy and that triggered a move in the RMM, as well, that would be helpful. Unfortunately, for the time being, there are still going to be machines moving around in Automate/Control and if Immy doesn’t sync those changes, it’s going to make it harder to use Immy.