How are you guys saving Bitlocker Keys?

Currently we are saving Bitlocker keys manually after the Immybot onboarding process. Does anyone here have a workflow that automates that process?

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@Diego_Arteaga if you are using the Bitlocker task in ImmyBot it has logic built into it that if the computer is domain joined it will attempt to backup the bitlocker keys to the DC.
If the computer is AzureAD joined, it will backup the keys to the Azure key vault.
Ensure the task runs after your Set Computer Name and Domain Join / Join AzureAD task under Deployment Ordering.

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We use the builtin script to push this to Automate EDF and from there we sync it to Manage as a computer type configuration question (Custom) which then syncs back into Hudu

Would love to see quickbooks licenses get saved somewhere for now we just run a quick task if we don’t have it on file

We are currently using our RMM to do some “Post Immy” things we can’t do with Immy. A part of that is grabbing the BitLocker Key and storing it in the RMM to sync to our CRM. This way we don’t risk the gap between when the RMM automation runs (that would normally grab the key) and our deployment in case the Key is needed.