How do you get support?

Hey All,
We’re struggling to get responses from [email protected]. The chat option never has anyone available either. What’s been the recommended way to get support as a paying customer?

One of the main things we’re looking for is documentation? there’s but it’s lacking soooo much information. We’re looking for basic things like what does “dismiss” mean, is that the same as disable? How do we setup on a DC to join computers to domain, what kind of account access is needed, challenges around PC onboarding vs User onboarding (in terms, what does “onboarding” mean?).

Before we purchased everything was “register for a demo” and very responsive. Now that we’ve paid I’m not getting responses from support and we need more than a demo, we need documentation that our staff can follow.

Thanks in advance, hopefully I’m just missing something obvious.

Use the chat option anyway. Even if no one available at that moment, they’re typically pretty quick to respond via email. I can’t comment on the request for how-to documentation. I can attempt to answer some of the questions.

What does dismiss mean ?: I assume this refers to recommended deployments, which are deployments created by immybot. Approving them will add the deployment, so when maintenance sessions are run(including during onboarding) that deployment will apply. Dismissing them will not do that.

How do we setup immybot on a DC to join computers to domain?: From my understanding, you don’t necessarily need to set it up. Make sure the immybot agent is installed on the DC, and that the DC is under the correct tenant. Immybot should automatically recognize it as a Domain Controller.
Run a session with the task “Set Computer Name and Domain Join” on a new computer.

What is onboarding?
Onboarding is setting the parameters of how something “should” be, and then running a session to make it so. The things that happen are filling out the onboarding form (where you specify the user, if it the computer should be domain joined, etc) and running a first maintenance session to get that machine in compliance.

Important Note: I do NOT work for I’m just learning how to use it. If I’m mistaken on anything, hopefully someone will jump in and correct me.

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Thanks Colton, I’m in same boat learning it as well. I was hoping some of our other techs would be able to pick it up quicker but the lack of documentation or outdated documentation is challenging.
Our issue is that we’re reaching out to support with general how to questions (that should be documented) but the requests are being treated as low priority because they’re not “system is down” requests. So waiting days to get answers to simple questions is pretty painful at the moment. I’m sure in a month or two we’ll be up to speed but getting there should be interesting.
I finally got a number of answers, both from Darren and Drew which was great. It looks like booking a support call via calendly might be the best option for support, so I just take notes of all the issues we encounter and then go through them on a call. Not ideal for either side efficiency wise but call I had this morning cleared up a lot of things so can’t complain too much.

Thanks for chiming in, appreciated!

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What is the calendly link for Support?

The main url is Calendly - ImmyBot from there you can choose Demo/Sales or Support.

How do I access Immy Chat Support if my Immy instance won’t load? (Gateway error).

Anyone know the URL? Tried the Calendly URL above, but only options are Onboarding and Demo/Sales