How to: Link directly to Immy computer list from a PSA/ticketing system

Release 0.55.9 introduced a new feature that allows you to pass a filter parameter to the computers endpoint. This means you can create a custom link in (most) PSAs/ticketing systems that will take you straight to the computer list for the user who submitted the ticket.

Here is a quick demo from Autotask:

Depending on your PSA, instructions will vary. Here is how you can create LiveLink in Autotask:

  1. In Autotask, navigate to Admin > AutoForms & LiveLinks > LiveLinks Designer.
  2. Click the New button to create a LiveLink.
  3. Fill out the information as follows:

    For the base URL, enter: https://<YOUR_URL>
    Also, ensure you add the Querystring value shown in the screenshot. This essentially tells Autotask to append the ticket contact’s email address to the end of the URL.
  4. You can then Save & Publish the LiveLink to your staff.

You should now see “Jump to ImmyBot” from any ticket on the LiveLinks menu. This new feature reduces a couple of steps per ticket for your helpdesk staff who use ImmyBot.