How to manage CyberCNS roles

The Connect Secure (CyberCNS) agent can be installed in different roles which are:

  • Lightweight
  • Probe
  • Scan

Most endpoints would be installed with the Lightweight role, and one or two endpoints on the network would get the Probe role to scan for devices without an agent installed (switches, printers, etc).

ImmyBot doesn’t have the flexibility to support this though, it lacks the “except” functionality in deployment scope, so I’d need to have two different deployments and maybe use a filter script that reads Tags to differentiate them.

Alternatively, maybe the install script could itself make use of a tag. Eg by default the Lightweight role is selected, but if the endpoint was tagged as “ConnectSecure_Probe” then it would install in probe mode instead.

Any preference? The ImmyBot Global software needs rewriting anyway as it’s currently can’t detect if the Probe should be installed but the Lightweight Agent is actually installed…

I created 2 new Software’s - Connect Secure Lightweight Agent and Connect Secure Probe Agent. This way I can assign them separately and don’t have to build any logic to detect which one is installed etc.

Then a few filter scripts based on whether an endpoint is tagged as “Connect Secure Probe”

Seems to be working okay so far