ImmyBot Agent Download Powershell - Always get the latest version


The ImmyBot powershell download always gets a fixed version of ImmyBot. We have customers where Autopilot the device as the first step in Onboarding, and then have the ImmyBot agent be deployed as a script from Intune.

There is a task in ImmyBot that can create this task in the customer’s Tenant - but to get the latest version I’d have to Remove and Re-add the script every so often.
The issue with this, is that it will run as a new script - and I’m not interested in ImmyBot being installed via Intune, after the Initial run from Autopilot.

Having it so the script always pulls the latest version, would be abig help.

This is out now, the permanent URL for the latest version is always:


Replace [tenantname] and you should be good to go as far as the script download URL goes! Keep in mind this returns a filename that contains the version and a long query string, so you may wish to control the output name if you write it somewhere (the ImmyBot PowerShell does this automatically with a temp file it asks Windows for a good name of).

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As of the 0.61 release, newly generated Powershell install scripts for Immy Agents now point to an always-latest installer binary