Immybot remotely

Using the other various options for downloading Immybot, can I deploy Immybot remotely and not using a USB? I feel like the other options would allow it but I’m curious if anyone has some thoughts to this.

Deploying… the ImmyBot Agent you mean?

I believe so yes. If I want to deploy it on a machine that does not have Immybot already on it, can I do that but remote?

if you can run remote powershell already, you can generate the immy powershell script in the deployment menu,
there is also an exe option

As far as I know, you can use any of these “download” packages to get an installer for the ImmyBot agent to deploy it. From there, you can deploy/install it using one of your existing deployment methods (i.e. GPO, RMM, etc)

Alternatively, I want to say there’s a way to use one of your exiting tools (i.e. ScreenConnect, RMM, etc) to deploy it by setting-up an integration.