Inventory TPM information

We’re looking at making sure all of our hardware is capable of running Windows 11, the biggest factor checking for TPM. ImmyBot has many data points in the inventory, and it’d be great if this was also inventoried. From there I could extract that data via the API and manipulate it however I see fit. I just need a good way to collect it.

My other plan to do this on my own would be to try to run a script on ImmyBot to collect that information and somehow write that out to our FreshService inventory or some other source.

This kind of thing feels more like the realm of an RMM with good reporting functionality, rather than implementing it into a deployment tool. We use Connectwise Automate and the Microsoft supplied script referenced here Understanding readiness for Windows 11 with Microsoft Endpoint Manager - Microsoft Community Hub, and then put the result into an Extra Data Field against the computer. This checks TPM and I assume other constraints that might prevent a computer running Windows 11.

That said, the result could be useful to ImmyBot, eg don’t target the device for Windows 11 if it isn’t going to support it.

ImmyBot really is, by definition, an RMM tool. It remotely monitors (compliance checks) and it remotely manages machines (runs scripts, installs and updates software and OS).

That said I’m not an MSP, at least not in the way anyone else here is, and I don’t use Connectwise. That said, the remote agents I do have are 1) ImmyBot and 2) FreshService. ImmyBot’s agent is much more capable than FreshService’s agent.

I’m sure I can custom script something if I have to.

Would be cool if this was included on the workstation page. Immy just runs Win11 check scripts and then we can pull that up on the dashboard.

I think this would be great. Another data point we can look at.