Label or Color Code ScreenConnect Integration

We have 2 instances of SC (an instance we own/manage and an instance provided with CW Command). Both are integrated with IMMY. We are not able to differentiate between the 2 in Immy. This request is to allow us to label/name the instances in the integration settings or change the logo color (or upload a logo) so we can tell the difference.

We are about to migrate from Automate version to the CW RMM so we have 2 Screen Connect instances ourselves. I could see this being useful.

  1. You can name the integration–change the name of it in the properties of the integration.

  2. If you want to connect via a specific instance, you can look at the agents tab of the computer, and you will clearly see which is which if you’ve named them appropriately in step 1.

Other than that, why else do you need to “know the difference”? I mean, I get “just wanting to know,” but what’s the reason or use case?

Thank you. We had the instances named…and I now see the dropdown which shows the name when you are drilled into the computer. The feature request is for the list of computers … we can see the 2 SC icons on machines that have both but we can’t tell which is which…and on machines that only have one, we can’t tell which.

It’s not earth-shattering important but we do have different settings in each SC and also certain clients do not get both so it is helpful to be able to see if one is missing and/or if the wrong one got installed.

Perhaps the name could appear when hovering and/or the color of the icon could be changed?