Lacerte silent install + updates

There has been a request for Lacerte silent install if possible + updates if possible

Software for Complex Tax Returns | Intuit Lacerte

So far we are not aware of any demand from the community for this, please add your votes/comments if this would assist your team!

We have a handful of clients running Lacerte and would definitely welcome some automation there.

One thing of note, in every case for our clients they tend to need the last 10 years or so of versions installed on their machines so they can reference old client data.

Also would love to see this! Could assist with testing or needing access to anything

Just to bump this, I would absolutely love to test this as well if it gets setup. Have quite a few clients with Lacerte.

We’ve got some clients with Lacerte as well

We have at least 5-10 customers that use Lacerte.

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