LastPass Full Installer

I realize there is a global software task for LastPass Chrome, however lastpass provides an MSI that gives quite a bit more options.
Has anyone built a software deployment that gives the options to install the software, deploy the plugin to Firefox, Edge,chrome?

Thanks in advance!

As per LastPass docs%2C%20then%20save%20the%20LastPassInstaller.), the installer needs to be generated from a LastPass admin account.

This discourages me from uploading this to global due to the required login to obtain the installer. However, you should be able to use the instructions in the link to obtain an MSI and upload it to Immy. The default MSI install script should work fine for this.

Hey Anthony,
Appreciate the reply - I am fine making this myself.
My question is how do I create an MSI installer, where the options listed in the document are part of the installer configuration.
Or alternatively - there’s an option to deploy the chrome extension, but what about edge chromium?

Going to bring this back to the top.
After some digging, the LastPassInstaller.msi file is identical between clients, the only thing that changes is the “CID” parameter.

So, while it may not land in the global installers list - what you can do is download it for 1 client, and add a mandatory configuration task called $CID and then you have a generic installer for it, and each customer gets their own specific deployment for it with their $CID set.

I can confirm the Lastpass msi is freely available for download on their website at
Download LastPass | LastPass

Here is the HTML that needs to be parsed for a dynamic version script. The link ID is “universal-windows-installer” should make it easier since everything is in the same a tag, followed by a

with the version


Version 4.114.0

Here is a sample silent install string
msiexec /i LastPassInstaller.msi ALLUSERS=1 ADDLOCAL=ExplorerExtension,ChromeExtension,FirefoxExtension,EdgeExtension DISABLEPRINT=1 DISABLEEXPORT=1 NODISABLEIEPWMGR=1 NODISABLECHROMEPWMGR=1 /L*v LastPassMSI.log /qn

and here is the documentation reference


Available features

To select features to install, add the selected Feature ID to the ADDLOCAL parameter as a comma separated list. This example shows how to install the IE plugin and all desktop shortcuts:

msiexec /quiet /i LastPassInstaller.msi ADDLOCAL=ExplorerExtension,GenericShortcuts,DesktopShortcut

To limit installed features, use the ADDLOCAL parameter.

Feature ID Description
ExplorerExtension Install the IE plugin
ChromeExtension Install the Chrome extension and binary component
FirefoxExtension Install the Firefox extension and binary component
EdgeExtension Install the Edge extension
LastpassUwpApp Install the LastPass UWP application (available from MS Store)
PasswordImporter Install the Password Importer tool
GenericShortcuts Install start menu shortcuts pointing to the vault, help, uninstall, and website
DesktopShortcut Install desktop shortcut pointing to vault
Updater Install the automatic updater
BinaryComponent Install the binary component for Chrome and Firefox


Parameter Description, values
INSTALLDIR Use a full path to set the installation directory. Default is C:\Program Files (x86)\LastPass.
Example: INSTALLDIR=“C:\LastPass”
KEEPUSERDATA 1: User data is not removed during uninstall. Takes effect with the /x parameter.
UNINSTALLSURVEY 1: Disable the Uninstall Survey. Default is 0.
NOLOGGEDOFFJSINJECTION Don’t inject JavaScript into sites when logged off
DISABLENOTES Disable Secure Notes
DISABLEPRINT Disable Printing
CID The ID of the company to which the user belongs. Example: CID=1543453455
PROXY Proxy setting for auto-updater. Example: PROXY=http://123.123.123:8080
NODISABLEIEPWMGR 1: Allow IE password manager. 0: Disable the IE password manager.
NODISABLECHROMEPWMGR 1: Allow Chrome password manager. 0: Disable the Chrome password manager.
AUTOLOGOFFONCLOSEIE 1: Automatically log users out of LastPass when they close Internet Explorer.
TRYENABLESIDELOADING 1: The installer tries to enable sideloading on the machine. Default is 0.
TRYENABLESIDELOADINGFORINSTALL 1: Installer tries to enable sideloading on the machine only for the install. Default is 0.


To enable logging during install, use /l*v -filename- parameter. For example:

msiexec /quiet /l*v log.txt /i LastPassInstaller.msi

This also works during uninstall:

msiexec /quiet /l*v log.txt /x LastPassInstaller.msi

Upon success, a similar line appears at the end of the logfile:

MSI (s) (94:C4) [16:45:06:919]: Windows Installer installed the product. Product Name: LastPass. Product Version: Product Language: 1033. Manufacturer: LogMeIn. Installation success or error status: 0.

Look closely at the end of the line. Unless error status is 0, there was an error during installation. To troubleshoot, search for the error code or the word ‘error’ or ‘exception’ in the log file.