LEAP Legal software

Hello there, I’d like to request the following software be added to the software repository:

Name: LEAP Legal
Download Link: LEAPDesktopX64Setup.exe
Install Switches: /S /v /qn

Please let me know if any other details are required.

Thank you!

@Tomasz_Zurek do you have any pull with that vendor to tell them to host their installer package in a sane way and not a DropBox link?
Silent install for the software is simple, dynamic version from a DropBox link not so much which I’m guessing is the main request for this software.

Hi @Gav ,

Are you able to please provide me with the silent install switches for LEAP? I’m trying to install it for one customer but it does some funky stuff after it installs like install a printer called Print to LEAP and that does not work when deployed via ImmyBot or Intune. Thank you!

@Marcelo_Clare the install switches that @Tomasz_Zurek provided are ones I’ve known to work for LEAP.
Install Switches: /S /v /qn

Tested that against the installer that he linked here and seemed to install it. Didn’t see a printer get created.

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Thanks for testing this @Gav. Yes that is the issue. It doesn’t create the print to leap printer and also it doesnt install the adobe extension. I tried everything that i could to make this happen. When I extracted and used the msi and ran it when the user was already logged on everything installed ok. I think immy deploys it under the system account and this is why those extra steps are not done. Can immy deploy an app after the user logs in? Thanks for all your assistance.

Not sure about that one, I didn’t even know there was a leap printer… I’ve never used this software, just going on what testing and others have said had worked for them. Maybe they don’t use this feature and never noticed, maybe it’s only an issue with newer installers, hard to say.

There isn’t a feature within Immy to run an installer at user logon.

If you check your script execution context in Immy it likely will be SYSTEM as it usually is by default like most agent based tools.
Have you checked with the vendor about support for their installer from the SYSTEM context for these items missing? Sometimes if you ask a vendor for an SCCM deployment installer they have something that isn’t publicly available. Wouldn’t hold my breath but have seen it before.

For the printer, perhaps you can get around that by making a task to create the printer with the same driver/port that the installer would normally create.

Tomasz here and another Aussie user no longer at the MSP were ones I knew of from memory using Leap in Aus.
Off the top of my head @James_Harper is another Aussie user that is active here, not sure if he uses Leap or not.

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You can install the LEAP printer for the user after the fact. The installer is ProgramData somewhere. You may just be able to run it on login via a Scheduled Task (which you could create with Immy) or a login script or something.

I’m not sure about the Adobe extension… maybe there’s a similar installer?

I would love for ImmyBot to be able to interact with user sessions, and have per-user deployments. Maybe via an ActiveSetup task. This would require the computer to send a message to ImmyBot though, which has some security considerations. The flow might look like:

  • User logs in
  • ActiveSetup task runs and blocks the login until done, with a message like “Please wait while maintenance is running”
  • ImmyBot Agent notices the login and pings ImmyBot to start the per-user maintenance cycle (or times out fairly quickly if unable to contact)
  • Maintenance cycle completes
  • ActiveSetup task ends and user login session completes as normal

Currently we try and use only machine-wide installs, but for some software that isn’t an option and it means we can’t use the deployment tool we know and love :slight_smile:

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Thanks @James_Harper and @Gav for looking into this. I ended up deploying LEAP as part of the user setup in Intune and that seems to have created the Print to LEAP printer. I haven’t checked the Adobe Extension but I will report back :slight_smile: Thank you all for the support and help!