Limit Endpoints in Immy to Automate Endpoints

We have the integration for CW Automate and CW Control setup but would like the ability to limit the PC’s that Immy can run maintenance sessions on to just the PC’s that are in Automate. CW charges per PC in Automate, but the Control server is not limited by endpoints. We end up with older and retired PC’s in Control when they have been removed from Automate but often get added back by Immy when maintenance runs. You are working too hard Immy, get yourself some chips and a beverage!

This might be possible with a filter script–have you looked into that?

Hey Dimitri,

I have not looked into that, but that is intriguing. Is there a level we could configure a filter script to limit endpoints in Immy to those only in Automate? I am assuming any not in Automate would be listed under something like “Pending”?

Thanks again D!