Limit Tags by Tenant

It would be great to be able to limit tags to be per tenant or global. We are starting to use more tags and the list gets long. Its especially confusing for a few tenant admins we are having for some accounts and then they really see a big list

Do you have any specific use-cases? We have about 15 tags total now that all do different things from exclusion to inclusion.
Never really ever felt the need to make any of them tenant-specific; we usually tag the tenant itself with items that help conform the company to their desired state and cross-tenant deployments take care of everything else.
We have a few app-specific tags like Anydesk and Splashtop for example that exclude specific machines from our “Remove unknown remote” deployments as well, but those don’t make sense to scope down, either.

Note- don’t take the above as me not supporting it; I just don’t understand the desire yet :stuck_out_tongue:

I think a better solution would be to filter or search tags at a global level to see which devices or tenant they belong to.

We have certain PCs at some customers that need a certain script or program on them (Say things like a program configuration, specialized workstation, etc). Globally this would be difficult because they are customer specific items and while some tags can share - doesn’t make sense to try to generic the others.

Agreed alot of items are cross tenant or whole tenant (And we certainly try to keep it that way). But there is more of these differences that if we keep them in immy is much easier to keep track of special configs.

I think that is useful also for tags that are used cross tenant.

I get what your saying. So, this isn’t the same thing, but it’s the same concept. Immy recently introduce the Software Search to include all device software in a tenant, and you can see how many versions of xyz are on all the computers.

Could that same concept be applied to your request? When you say different deployments (scripts, programs), we have some tenants with custom software. What is the main reason for consolidating tags?

Lastly, when you say configs, are you referring to Deployments? Custom Scripts?

The software search is great but doesn’t apply to thses needs.

These are per machine specifics - say we need a certain configuration of a program (Done with a script) and these may be a group of machines (Obviously just one machine per client its easy enough to do individual deployment).

What sort of script?

So if you have 50 machines, each deployment is unique?

Nah thats be crazy. We are talking maybe 1-3 tags per client.

@Dakota_Lewis @DimitriRodis

You can already limit tags:

Sorry i should clarify. It would be great to have the ability to turn off global tags from a tenant like we do with global deployments