Logging into an Offline Domain Joined device with a Domain User

We have been testing Immy.Bot internally and have managed to configure the offline Domain Join feature which is working well. The only problem we are facing is when trying to log in as the Primary user on the onboarded device.

We need to QC (Quality Check) the Primary User’s profile before this onboarded device is taken to a customer site so need to log in as the Primary User however as this device is Offline Domain Joined there is no communication with the Domain Controller, therefore, the profile cannot be logged in.

Is there a way within Immy.Bot to allow the Domain User to log into the onboarded device before it is put on a customer network?

We onboard machines in a lab environment and toggle on a site to site vpn connection to the client’s network in order to sign in as end user and continue onboarding if needed.