Mac support

We may be able to get away from Automate without Linux support, but we support too many Macs to not be able to monitor and manage them, at least to some degree, with all the rest of the Windows machines. This feels like it will be necessary eventually. Maybe integrating with Addigy/Jamf/etc. tools could be helpful.

99% of our client devices are Window’s devices, but some of our clients are starting to buy more MacBooks. I agree that it would be convenient to have support for all devices.

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We have about 5% of clients that are Mac. That being said, it’s about 150 endpoints. Having something to manage them outside of Automate would be great!

I’m 80/20 Mac/PC internally and 40/60 externally(MSP), would love to see macos support. Really impressed with’s potential for my org.

macOS support could be great. It would need a lot of work, no doubt, but if there was an Immy agent that could run PowerShell on macOS (with PS Core as a prereq), it seems like some of the uniqueness of macOS could be abstracted away.

i.e. the built-in $IsMacOS var could be used in scripts to run different PowerShell, or be used to kick of different scripts entirely.

It would probably be wise to set up an integration with Intune so that it could bootstrap the installation (install PowerShell, install Immy, install full disk profile for ImmyBot, etc.) since you can’t really get away without MDM these days.