Maintenance banner during updates

It would be great to see a maintenance banner or alert of some sort to let end users know that the process is still running behind the scenes so they are aware that their machine may reboot. This is particularly targeted to users to power on their machines after the update period and the updates begin to run.

There is a task for this already called “Get Maintenance Consent From Logged In User”. You can create a deployment and just make sure to have it be the first deployment under “Ordering”. I imagine this method will be updated in the coming months, because the Discord chat just had a wild discussion a few weeks ago which resulted in getting functional WPF windows.

This isn’t the same thing. He is looking for a banner that stays on the screen until ImmyBot is done.

Oh, I see. That makes sense

How long has the consent task been there? I’ve just been puzzling over the best way to manage maintenance on laptops that get shut down and taken home at the end of each day…

At some point as an MSP, as we are starting to do, you just have to force it on the users. After one or two times of them turning their machine on at 8 AM to discover updates and reboots, they’ll get the picture and start leaving their devices on overnight.

But yes this is a feature we’d definitely like to see implemented for those users and the pesky wifi only laptops that refuse to stay network connected overnight no matter what you do.

I did it based on a request I got during an Immy User Roundtable call sometime in January I think?

The task is definitely not perfect–it is more of a proof of concept “how-to.” There are folks that have taken that and created really nice UI elements since then. However, in its current form, one flaw is that if maintenance is about to start, and the machine has a pending reboot, the machine will reboot BEFORE that task is ever executed. Needless to say, there is an issue in to accommodate user notification and interaction with sessions going forward.