Maintenance Email Customization

We’d like to see the ability to edit the default message that goes out with maintenance emails. This portion in particular.


Totally agree! The emails need to be much more customizable than they currently are.


Agreed. For one thing, it would be great to have an option to display the time in non-military format (ie, 1:00am or 1:00pm).

It would also be nice to include a date indicator (ie, today, tonight, or 7/2).

Very much agree with this. I have maintenance occuring at 3AM but we keep getting people saying “dont do this until 4:30PM” because they think 03:00 means 3PM


Definitely a much needed feature.

I would add, like many others have said:
More detailed information:
What machines were successful followed by the ones that weren’t
The current OS build number
Uptime of machines
Ability to re-order the formatting and order of the reported results. Say I want Current OS build version at the top, but everything else at the bottom.

Would also love to see support for customizing the sender display name as well. I made a separate feature request for that here