Maintenance Item Keywords

I feel like sometimes users would benefit from having keywords integrated into, specifically, tasks but other maintenance items might also gain something. This would allow users to search for related words and phrases, without needing to match the exact name of the task. I envision it similar to YouTube where content creators can add keywords (like “cucumber”, “cat”, and “funny”) to help viewers find their video easier.

This could help certain tasks like “File in Specific Location Template Task” which a lot of people think of as “Copy”. Alternatively, if you search “AzureAD”, you might miss out on related tasks that does not include it in the title like “Directory Migration” or “Configure Directory”.

In addition, in helping users find tasks, this would mean there is less time spent creating tasks from scratch because you didn’t realize it existed.

My preference is two-fold:

  1. Create category tags (for search and filtering). More than one per item allowed.
  2. Display the description in the table of software/tasks, and also make that searchable.

Between those two things, as long as things are categorized appropriately, should make things very easy to find.

Agreed, I do like that method as well. I think it would still be beneficial to have keywords as well though. Categories can help with searched for related items, but keywords might be useful to single out an exact task that you may be looking for. Having more than one way to do something never hurts.

My example is the “file in specific location” task. I’m aware of what it does and how it does it, but the brain at first glance thinks of it as copying for most people. A simple “copy” keyword to find it would have saved me a ton of time trying to build one in the beginning. However, it could also be categorized as “File Operations” or something along that line.

tl;dr - I agree with you, with a “but” lol