Maintenance schedule flexibility

We’re just starting to use ImmyBot for application patching as well as deployments. We’re already fighting with Automate updates (with daytime patching, driver updates can briefly disconnect the network and disable the display etc, and we’re trying to control the disruption)

I’d love to have the flexibility to do the following (in approximate order of decreasing priority and increasing craziness):

  1. Prompt the user for consent before starting (can already be done with the Maintenance Consent task I just learned about)
  2. As part of the consent, allow the user to push ahead with updates but not allow reboots (downgrade the reboot preference to Suppress for this session)
  3. As part of the consent, allow the user to tell ImmyBot to “ask me again in an hour”
  4. A desktop agent that asks for consent with a toast notification and the user can “run now”, “run now without rebooting” or “postpone” from there, and allow the user to “run now” at any time.
  5. A session variable like “Reboot Preference” but for “Disruption Preference” for restarting applications (eg Office or Chrome) which can be set to “Always”, “If Necessary”, and “Suppress”. Scripts can use this to make a decision about whether to just update the app or to update and restart the app.
  6. Some control over deadlines, eg a user can only postpone the updates for (say) 72 hours or something at which time they install no matter what. ImmyBot gets increasingly aggressive in reminding the user as the deadline gets closer :slight_smile:
  7. The option to run maintenance if idle (we do this now in automate for reboots - any computer idle for >3 hours between 9pm and 3am gets rebooted if a reboot is pending, it does wonders for our patching compliance!)
  8. For maintenance with reboots enabled, a fullscreen “Maintenance in progress” screen that pops up after the first reboot and stays there until maintenance is completed (I see at least one feature request to do this already). There would be a “let me log in anyway” button to close it down - the intent is to let the user know that their computer will be rebooted randomly and without warning during the maintenance cycle.

@DimitriRodis I recall user prompts being mentioned in the past. Can you add some context?