Move Computer from Local Domain to AzureAD

I have a company that is splitting, so I was wondering if Immy has a task that I can use to remove a computer from a domain and then add the device to Azure AD, but keep the local user profile intact.

Would be great to also change the Outlook Profile to the new 0365 Tenant remove any shared Sharepoint sync libraries and reconnect the user’s OneDrive over to the new tenant.



The task is called “Directory Migration” to migrate a user profile from on-prem domain to AzureAD. Not sure about SharePoint stuff, that sounds like it would need some custom permissions for Immy, but it should be possible as long as it’s something you can accomplish with PowerShell/Graph.

Hi Dakota,

Thanks for the pointer.

They are currently AD joined and AD sync’d to their old tenant. The AzureAD will be in an entirely different Tenant as the company is splitting, I will give it a test.


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