MSP/IT Resources

As the ImmyBot community continues to grow, we have seen an increase of folks asking about professional services for custom scripting, consulting services and other MSP/IT communities and peer groups.

Here is a collection of some communities and consulting folks we are aware of. Please feel welcome to suggest any other communities or consulting teams you may be aware of that may be of value to the ImmyBot community.

ImmyBot Monthly User Roundtable.
This is an opportunity to engage with other users and discuss various ImmyBot topics. Click on the following link to register:
ImmyBot Monthly User Roundtable

@Anthony_Birone from ElasticIT who has been the author of some of the scripts in the ImmyBot global repo offers ImmyBot consulting, custom script writing, general MSP and automation consulting.
Anthony Birone Consulting

MSPGeek - ImmyBot has a vendor channel in the MSPGeek Discord server.
MSPGeek – A Free MSP community. For the users, by the users.
MSPGeek Discord

CyberDrain - Website
CyberDrain(CIPP) Discord
CyberDrain Improved Partner Portal (

Sysengineer’s Community
Sysengineer’s Discord

MSP Subreddit

PowerShell Subreddit
PowerShell (

Pax8 Peer Group
Academy Peer Group Application | Pax8 US

The Tech Tribe
The Tech Tribe

Advanced Global MSP Coaching Autotask consulting
Advanced Global MSP Coaching

TechPulse HaloPSA consulting
HaloPSA Implementation - TechPulse

Galactic Advisors
Galactic Advisors

CompTIA Emergency Response Team
CompTIA Emergency Response Team

Blog Posts | Homotechsual