Multi-line configuration task parameters

Could we get multi-line configuration task parameters? This would allow pasting of small xml/json blobs as part of deployment configuration.

Or alternatively, make configuration task parameters available to other scripts (uploaded config files are not available until deployment begins…)



Just use a file parameter, much cleaner/easier than creating a giant textbox, don’t you think?

Not really. Text can be viewed edited, and copied between deployments much easier than a file.

Disagree. File parameters end up in the media library and can be re-selected in other applicable deployments.

Ok. How about files, but ImmyBot gets a text editor with xml syntax highlighing for editing those files :slight_smile:

It already has monaco, don’t know why that wouldn’t/couldn’t apply here too, although being a heavy immy user, once we set up a deployment, we generally don’t touch it until the client doesn’t need that software anymore.