Multiple Configuration Tasks of the same Software

Some deployments - like Forticlient VPN - might have customers want multiple Profiles.
Currently we need to “re-run” multiple configurations for this to work.

I can create a script that runs seperately, but it would be nice if ImmyBot’s pipeline would allow for “multiple runs” of seperate configurations.

I second this, but I dont think it should be limited to this one thing for sure.

An example, we have 2 clients that have their own inhouse IT. Would be nice if we could setup a task to create their local admin account and create our local admin account (i typically have to copy the task and rename the task to accomplish this…not sure if it was intended to work this way)

same issue with adding a cert via tasks

Yes, this is the Task Template feature that I’ve referred to in other community posts. Just needs more upvotes to get on the roadmap :slight_smile: