N-Able Integration stopped working

Health Check - This integration is experiencing issues.

ProviderConstructionFailedException: The requested operation requires an element of type ‘Object’, but the target element has type ‘Array’.

you need to switch to the new N-Central v2 (REST API) Integration. But for us its still not working.

we are using the new N-Central v2 (Rest API)
this is the error message.
This integration is experiencing issues.
ProviderConstructionFailedException: Unable to initialize the requested provider
→ HttpResponseException: Response status code does not indicate success: 401 (Unauthorized).
If i look at the logs it shows “success”

ive recreated the user with the same rights as in the new guide and it worked.
my problem is in the next stage where the integration is contacting the n-central agent. Then there is just this and the agent is disconnected:

  • 05/27/24 8:35:04am GMT+0200 - Enqueueing XXX-WS-01 for identification

  • 05/27/24 8:35:04am GMT+0200 - Executing identification script against GOEN-WS-01

  • 05/27/24 8:35:04am GMT+0200 - Acquired global lock for Ephemeral session.

  • 05/27/24 8:35:04am GMT+0200 - Determining online agents to run the ephemeral agent…

  • 05/27/24 8:35:04am GMT+0200 - Found 1 online agent.

  • 05/27/24 8:35:04am GMT+0200 - Generating anonymous ephemeral agent session…

  • 05/27/24 8:35:04am GMT+0200 - Starting ephemeral agent over available providers: [N-Central v2 (REST API)]

  • 05/27/24 8:35:04am GMT+0200 - Waiting for ephemeral agent RPC connection to establish.

  • 05/27/24 8:35:05am GMT+0200 - N-Central v2 (REST API): Sucessfully enqueued TaskId: 556576586

  • 05/27/24 8:35:29am GMT+0200 - Ephemeral agent RPC connection established.

  • 05/27/24 8:35:31am GMT+0200 - Successfully ran identification script

  • 05/27/24 8:35:31am GMT+0200 - Successfully determined the pending computer’s device id. 2144cd40-d7da-11dd-b0d6-bcee7b8c82c5

  • 05/27/24 8:35:31am GMT+0200 - Finished identification for XXX-WS-01

  • 05/27/24 8:35:31am GMT+0200 - Resolving identified agent XXX-WS-01 to a computer

  • 05/27/24 8:35:31am GMT+0200 - Will perform action [AssignAgentToComputer] for pending agent GOEN-WS-01

  • 05/27/24 8:35:31am GMT+0200 - Assigning a new agent to an existing computer with id 1337.

  • 05/27/24 8:35:31am GMT+0200 - Successfully assigned agent to an existing computer with id 1337

  • 05/27/24 8:35:31am GMT+0200 - The agent is part of the initial device sync for this client. Onboarding is disabled.

  • 05/27/24 8:35:31am GMT+0200 - Enqueueing required system inventory job