New deployment - Vectorworks

Are you able to assist with a deployment for vectorworks?

Latest release can be downloaded here:
url: Vectorworks2023

Silent install kb:

guess not???

Looks like there isn’t much demand for this request.
There is no SLA/ETA on community software requests.
At a glance this doesn’t look like no 5 minute task to try and get going either.
There is currently a few others I can see that have more demand than this that would likely end up ahead of this one.

If you have a time sensitive need for this, there are folks in the community such as @DimitriRodis and @Anthony_Birone and likely others who offer professional services for custom script writing you could engage with.

It’s a little more involved than a basic request. I’ve gone ahead and had a look and there are several missing things needed to make this work:

  1. Where is the download link for Vectorworks 2023?
  2. How do we know what the latest version is for the purposes of creating a dynamic version script?
  3. I found a link to download Vectorworks 2022, but it will not install without a serial number. So, even with the supplied docs, we have no way to test this out.

If you can supply any of this information that would be helpful–without it, there’s not much more I can do at this point.