No version of software was found!

Hi All,

I’m trying to deploy a software and got this error .
"No version of SoftwareName was found "

here is my configuration
Version Detection
Detection method : Display Name
Search mode : contains
Search filter : Software name version
no matching software
installation script default MSI install

do I need to write custom script for version ?

I tried with Regex as well , doesn’t work.

thank you in adv.
Highly appreciated, if you could help me with this.


thank you.

@ThihanLin you might get some more traction on your post if you can provide more specifics about the software you are trying to create a deployment for.
There is nothing in your post to know if you would need to create a custom detection script or not.

ImmyBot is wanting a valid semantic version eg 2.0.0 Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 | Semantic Versioning (
What is the software?
How does it display in add/remove programs?
Did you ensure the software is a machine wide install and not a per user install?
Do you know your detection is wrong and it’s actually the install script that isn’t working?
Does your detection work on an endpoint that already has the software installed?

Hey Gav

appreciate looking into this matter.
Software name is SynergySoft developed by ITvision in Australia.

Version in installer match to semantic versioning , 11.1.396
In add/remove program display as “SynergySoft 11.1”
I used global msi installer script from immybot , i didn’t write by myself.

We haven’t tested with endpoint for software deployment yet.

Please let me know if you need to know more.

thank you.