Noob Question File Transfers

Pardon this noob question. We are just starting with Immybot. Previously we have been scripting installations with CW Automate. On occasion we have a need to send an XML configuration file to a workstation when configuring an application. I do not see of anyway to do this from Immybot, I know I could write a script to check for the existence of the XML file and if it does not exist, I could create it via code. Sometimes these files can be pretty long and I would just like to pull the file down. I do not see any way to do this within Immybot. I could save the file in a cloud location and download it via code. Is that my only option?

There’s a custom parameter for allowing the upload of files for software items.

Thanks. That answers it

Well not quite… How do I get to the screen that you are showing? Your display just shows “Parameters”. Is this part of a new Software configuration? Task Configuration? How do I get to this?

It’s part of the Task editor.
You can get to it by creating/editing a task and scrolling to the Parameters section.