"Not during onboarding" option for Deployments

I know there exists a Filter Script for this “NOT during onboarding”, but if I use a different Target Scope - fx Azure Group for a single tenant - then I won’t be able to select the Filter Script as well.

I find multiple deployments that I want to avoid when just onboarding a device.

Bumping - any news on this?

when you are making a deployment,
go to filter scrip in the target filter and enter the below code

Get-ImmyComputer | where-Object {$_.OnboardingStatus -eq "Onboarded"}

This will only run on PC’s that have completed the onboarding process

The problem is that this limits my “Target” to just devices that have been onboarded.

I need to filter a deployment based on a group of User’s or Devices from Azure - so if I use the filter script, I won’t be able to target the specific users.