Notification/Detection Emails

We are currently trying to have a better handle on maintenance reminders for users.

I wanted to utilize the “Send Detection Email”, but noticed I can’t split Detection/Execution days and since we run maintenance on Sundays and would want Detection Emails to send out on Friday to remind users to keep machines up.

Any options that I may be missing that could be potentially used?

If you’re reminding them that far in advance, you could write a cloud task to inform them on Friday, and just schedule the maintenance on Sunday.

Is there a way to have these emails come from Immy? I am testing Send-ImmyEmail metascript, but it just doesnt send any text in the body.

E.g. script

$SendEmailParams = @{
To = “[email protected]
Subject = “Testing123”
Body = “<html><body>Testing123<br>Hello<br>ABC123</body></html>”
Send-ImmyEmail @SendEmailParams

results in an email that looks like this

Have you tried plain text in the body?