Onboarding/Maintenance Session Skip Buttons

I and some of my colleagues would like to see a Skip button next to maintenance or onboarding tasks allowing you to skip an item in the deployment stack. Here’s an example of a recent situation.

I started onboarding a new computer and 15 steps into the stack I see it’s going to install a unneeded version of Autodesk Revit. Since Revit installs are very large and time consuming, being able to SKIP the step and proceed to the next would be far easier than canceling the session, editing their stack, then restarting the onboarding.

Not sure if this is possible but can’t imagine we’re the only ones that would find this very useful.


We do have times at my company where certain deployments might be hanging. This would be useful.

This would be a great feature. Especially for updates during onboarding if you are in a hurry