Option to push automatic onboardings to the front of the queue

I have found that since we keep our instance busy when we try to use automatic onboarding it takes a LONG time to start. Can there be an option that puts automatic onboarding sessions to the front of the not started yet queue?

What’s constantly running sessions that you have this issue?

Most of the computer onboarding sessions when we use the exe, ppkg, or powershell, to make them start automatically they often take a while to start. I do not understand what you are asking specifically. I have had automatic onboardings take 30 minutes to start, not run, after the session was created.

I get where Jacob is coming from. Since onboarding is always a manual process you want it sooner rather than later. It’s happened more than once when I queue up an ad-hoc session for whatever that we have an onboarding. The ability to jump the line, so to speak, would be a nice option.

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