PDFGear Deployment/Update


We use a PDF editor I was hoping to get added as a dynamic software in ImmyBot.

Software is called PDFGear: PDFgear - Bring Accessible PDF Software to the Masses

Current download link is: https://www.pdfgear.com/download/pdfgear_setup_v2.1.4.exe

@Aaron_Pleus I’ve actually got this locally where I’ve been tinkering with it.
I’d need to go back and check, but I think I have a working install, uninstall and dynamic version script. But trying to configure it to be the default PDF app was having issues.

If just install/uninstall/updating is needed I can likely get this up to global this week.
If setting PDF as default, it would need more time to tinker with it a bit more.

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For my purposes right now, install/uninstall/update is all that is needed.

@Aaron_Pleus PDFGear is in global, give it a spin.

Tested updating and seems to work well, thank you Gav!!

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