Please add PyRevit addi-in to the global library

PyRevit is an add-in tool for Autodesk Revit software. It includes a lot of automated tools that make the software easier and faster to complete a lot of tedious tasks. Much like Immy-bot is automating tasks. the latest version of their software can be found at the link below. It would be great if it could be added to the immy-bot global library.

Releases · eirannejad/pyRevit (

We have a lot of clients that make use of this addon for AutoDesk (maybe 15-20 tota).

It would make it easier for our techs in doing onboardings/ad-hoc deployments.


I have one local I use which is basic, but there is some configuration we are still working out to fully configure successfully. I am curious, how much customization are you doing to the installation of pyRevit?

All best…


Hi Jason,

Some clients do more customization than others. Is there a standard set of customization done in PyRevit by default?

We don’t do much customization on the install. We just tell our users what features to use to help productivity or resolve issues that the Base Revit can’t handle.