Please add TwinMotion to the software library

I would like to request that Twinmotion be added to the software library. Autodesk recently acquired the software.

Download Twinmotion - Twinmotion

I’ve barked up this tree and TwinMotion is not easy. It has to be installed from the Epic Games Launcher, making it quite difficult to get an actual executable. The Immy guys might have a trick or two to get it, but even then, I imagine that regular updates for it would be minimal considering the effort required to get the installer.

It’s just one of many items on my wish list to make deploying software an easier task. I know Immy-Bot is not the end all be all to deploy and maintaining software, but they continue to impress me with the number of software packages that they do support and keep making improvements. My big hope is that software companies like Epic Games and Autodesk see what Immy-Bot is trying to accomplish and make the process easier.

@Dakota_Lewis I actually worked on this with a client of mine, and it turns out that you can get a direct download/installer that doesn’t appear to need Epic Games Launcher. Contents of the zip look like this:

Here are the unsolved problems:

  1. You can only get this direct download link if you log on to your Autodesk account (which links you to a twinmotion page that contains these links)
  2. The links appear to expire and stop working after 30 minutes or so?

If anyone can find a way around this, we should be able to tackle a dynamic version script and silent install that doesn’t require Epic Games Launcher.

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That’s dope! I’ll sign into Autodesk tomorrow and take a look around, I could at least upload the MSI until we can get dynamics working!

I’ve tested that zip file, and it seems TwinMotion and TwinMotion for Revit are not the same thing. It seems the latter is a plugin for Revit (a 16GB plugin??? Really?? :man_shrugging:) There does seem to be a TwinMotion for Revit executable in C:\Program Files\Epic Games, but I’ve never actually used the full TwinMotion, so I don’t know if it’s the same program.

Anyway, I did find this article which describes just copying the installation folder between machines, I guess.