Printix Software Deployment Broken

Good afternoon!

The latest Printix update seems to have broken the Immy global software deployment for the Printix Client.

For some reason, Kofax/Tungsten Automation decided to rename the software from “Printix Client” to “Tungsten Printix Client”. The consequence of this is that now Immy’s regex search filter for “^Printix Client$” no longer detects the software as being installed (maybe it can be changed to “$Printix Client$”).

Additionally, .NET Desktop Runtime 6 is now required for the Printix Client to run, causing the installation to hang unless .NET 6 is installed.

If someone can help resolve these issues, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

To add to this, there was a .net Runtime 6 update on the 9th that Printix doesn’t recognize. You have to currently install .net 6 version 6.0.31 in order to install Printix.

Follow up

the latest version of Printix requires .NET Desktop Runtime 6.0.32

I tried using the latest (version 8.0.7) but Printix did not like it.

The order of install is:

  1. Download and install Runtime 6.0.32
  2. Reboot the computer
  3. Install Printix Client
  4. Log into Printix