Process for new onboard

Can someone help explain to me the process for onboarding a person, especially if I need them logged in to configure software.

There is an option in the script to Run one when user is logged in. During onboarding this task is skipped, and understandable. However how do I trigger the script to run when they login?

Or do I let onboarding do its thing, Have the user login, then run a maintenance task manually to pickup the rest of the deployment?

Can you be more specific? What piece of software or settings are you trying to configure?

There are plenty of software tasks in Immy that can configure software (registry entries/config files) without having to have a user logged in.


I’m trying to sync a sharepoint site with the users onedrive. To my knowledge it requires the user to be logged in. In addition once that sharepoint site is created, I need to run a script against the synced folder of the sharepoint site…Once the sharepoint site syncs, it creates a folder structure. I then run a command to map a drive letter to the sharepoint site folder on the users profile… I know it sucks, but its a legacy application that requires a drive letter.

Everything works fine I just need to manually trigger a maintenance task to get it to work, even though the script says Run at User Login once.

One part of this can be dealt with using the One Drive deployment.

The drive letter mapping should just be a registry setting in hkcu, so this can probably be set using Invoke-HKCU without having to have a user logged on.