Quick Deploy Parameter Field

It comes up all too often for me where I want an ad-hoc deployment, but it happens to be one that has required parameters. I’m aware this can be done from a new deployment, however it would be nice if I could do it without leaving the page of the device I am working on. There’s all this open space right next to the quick deploy drop-down, that I think could be utilized for this:

Now, regarding a realistic use-case, it would be amazing for things like adding an on the fly local user. I could also see it being used for things like the Windows Update Repair task. If you include a degree of intensity to that task via parameters, it would be awesome for ad-hoc without going overboard. For example, say you only want to clear the software distribution folder and not re-register DLLs. If there were parameter switches for “Light Repair” or “Intense Repair” (or even more granular if you want to make each individual action a switch), then this could benefit technicians immensely.