RDP Shortcut / File in Specific Location Template Task

I’d like to request a task to copy a file to the public desktop. In this case, an RDP shortcut is what I need. However, there are times when copying a file is just necessary. One example is if the company wants orientation files available for new hires.

A task already exists in global for this use case.

File in Specific Location Template Task

Thanks Gav! That name doesn’t exactly make it easy to identify the purpose of the task, but good to know it exists at least.

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What name would have made this easier to find? I ask specifically because I tried to name it so that folks could find it.

I think even just adding the word Copy in front of all that would make it easy to find. For example, “Copy File to Specific Location” makes the purpose clear that it is going to take an input and copy it to the desired location. I think most people that are looking for for this kind of task will start by looking up “copy” in the tasks searchbar. I know I did. In any case, I’ve tried it and it works great, so thanks for pointing it out!

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In fairness, it’s not really a “copy” per se as the file that you’re placing doesn’t technically exist on the machine–you’re supplying that file as a parameter on the deployment, and that file is essentially “placed” in the specified location.

I’m sure you can see why sometimes naming these things can be tough–I want people to find them but I don’t want them misled into thinking it’s something that it isn’t, either.

That’s true, naming is definitely complicated. I despise naming powershell functions, especially when being restricted to the approved verbs. But I also think simplicity is important with names. I would probably search for the easiest words, and then just assume a task doesn’t exist and attempt to create one myself. That being said, I also think there could be a lot of value in just providing the specifics in the often empty “Notes” box within software and tasks.

I would really like to see this task updated to have the ability to drop a file into a specific folder in the user profile. This way I could update application specific configurations files.

I am thinking of User configuration files for much of the Autodesk software. like Revit INI files, and the desktop connector user.config file.

For example, currently if I want to get to this path, I need to use the full username in the profile path.


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Alternate Output Location?

Output to location?