Reboots During Maintenance


Immybot seems to be very reboot happy when running maintenance. Which typically wouldn’t be a problem, but we have far too many users that refuse to keep their machines online or laptops on wifi that juts won’t stay online. For example this users laptop rebooted 3 times and all that was updated was Edge and WebView2.

I get that Immy can’t control if a software package flags the computer as needing to reboot. This may better belong in the feature request category but maybe I’m missing an option for what I’m after. I don’t see a way to suppress reboots on individual deployments. It’d be nice to be able to do that to stop reboots on some of the items that don’t really need it.

I get a lot of complaints about “surprise” reboots too and I’m sure I have something misconfigured, but if there was any way the user could be notified on the device that’s having maintence performed while the work is pending/happening, it would help tremendously.

I know we can send email notifications but email doesn’t work well with time-sensative notifications. Some kind of a toast pop up that at least gives the user notice would be a great first step, a-la Monitoring with PowerShell: Notifying users of Windows Updates

@Tych ImmyBot checks for pending reboot flags set by the OS, even before a deployment has ran:

The mention of users not leaving their laptops on makes it sound likely there is pending reboot flags set for pending Windows updates that Immy is likely running into.

It’s also possible you might have an endpoint with a stuck pending reboot flag in the registary.

There is a bunch of installers that will fail to run if a pending reboot flag is found during the installer running, so not sure myself if I would want to supress the reboots and then start running into failed deployments/updates due to pending reboots not clearing.
Or the end user who never reboots for Windows updates to apply finally gets hit by Immy and gets forced rebooted during your schedule so the updates can finally apply and bring the endpoint back to compliance I wouldn’t want it’s reboot skipped.
Maybe there is something else I’m missing here?

You can see more details about pending reboots here –

You may need to troubleshoot the endpoint to see if it has a pending reboot flag stuck in the registry is another thing to consider as well.

@superbook24 agree with some further notices for end users about reboots in general.
I can’t see it right now but there should have been a feature request around this that would be the better place to take that discussion. If there isn’t one that is fitting, feel welcome to create a feature request as there seems to be a growing demand for more notification during a scheduled session based on the MSPGeek chats.
My take would be the combo of the Email + on screen notices I feel like @DimitriRodis might have been on the idea of the combo approach as well.

@superbook24 I have had issues with unexpected reboots during business hours when they shouldn’t have happened. I tracked it down and it was a certain piece of software updating that triggered the reboot. It was for a default deployment that I couldn’t edit so I mentioned it to Immy Bot support and they got it updated right away.

They added a suppress reboot option to the update command and that did the trick.

If you look in the Event Viewer at the System log for event 1074 it will show what caused the reboot. Sometimes it’s a generic message but sometime it will give you good information to lookinto.

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