Remote Control Functionality

Off to a great start with it. Few functions that would be awesome to see

  1. Chad Functionality
  2. Ability to paste clipboard to the login screen
  3. It disconnects when logging out to switch a user
  4. Have to reconnect after a reboot manually - would be great if it had a reconnect time like most remote tools we have used

Otherwise the speed and responsivness has been great

Our team would also like Chat Functionality. This would be the final item we need to make the full switch.

You can already type your clip board to the screen by using that option in the menu, unless you’re meaning something else.

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That works. I don’t know how we missed that function. Thanks for htat

Yeah chat is a big one for us - we use that all the time with support sessions

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I don’t know about chat functionality, but I recently asked Darren about the persistent sessions issue and he assured me it’s one of the goals for 0.59. For now, we have to deal with the way it is because 0.58 is going to focus on permissions.

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Hey, all! I’m the author of the remote control code and wanted to chime in on this.

1, 3, and 4 are planned improvements. Unfortunately, I don’t have an estimate on when they’ll be shipped. I know it gets old hearing “Soon™”, but we’re still in the process of prioritizing the work.

There’s also a bit of refactoring and rearchitecting that I need to tackle in the remote control code before we can go full-speed on features. I’ve actually just started working on that today.

As for 2, as @joshua mentioned, there’s a button in the menu to do that. Paste doesn’t work on the Windows logon password field, which is precisely why I created that button. However, there’s a bug in which certain special characters weren’t going through. I fixed that this week, and it will be included in the next Immy release.


Appreciate the insight @Jared_Goodwin.

Great work on remotely! Enjoy the weekend sir!

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Thanks for the insight! Looking forward to see it progress - working well so far

One other item we have noticed. We use take control in N-central currently and when you use it - you go to console and then you can switch sessions. It would be great if this would have an option to have it setup like that - saves an extra step since most of the time we don’t need in a particular session

Hi Jared,

Love remotely! One thing to add is a feature that is like ScreenConnect; the ability to backstage into a computer so that the user doesn’t see you logging in.

Except, with a way different approach and easier to use.

Screenshot image would be a very nice have like Screenconnect on the device page.

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