Remove old versions of Putty

ImmyBot says I have version 0.78 of Putty installed, which I do according to the Uninstall key in the registry but it doesn’t show in Add/Remove Programs.
I also have 0.77 and 0.74 installed though.
Recently some work was done for 7-Zip to clean up old versions, could the same thing be done for Putty? It worked great for 7-Zip.

Looks like we have some ancient versions of Firefox installed alongside the current version too. ImmyBot keeps the current version up to date but ignores the other, and our vulnerability scanner is going nuts about the 207 vulnerabilities known in the old version…

With 7-zip, the problem was 32 bit could coexist with 64, and sometimes the installer would leave references to older versions in the registry that actually no longer existed. Cleanup of this was possible once we understood how they could coexist in the first place.

What versions do you have listed that are able to coexist? Do they really exist, or are they just leftover registry entries? 32 bit? 64 bit? Need some details.

For Putty, Putty was definitely installed multiple times. I had 3 versions, and I think one of the duplicates was the 32/64 bit issue you mentioned, and another did seem to be a “leftover registry entry” issue.

I haven’t dug into the Firefox issue. Not sure if it’s an ESR release or what. But ImmyBot definitely only sees the latest version and is blind to the older version and so can’t remove it as part of normal maintenance.

It can if the detection method is altered, and we either add a test for multiple versions with a special repair script, or set the upgrade method to uninstall/install and use the uninistall multiple versions script that I wrote which is heavily used on global software that has this kind of issue.

Screenshots of the multiple versions in add/remove? What versions are they? Can’t fix this without specific details.