Replacement Device Swap Feature

Having a ‘Replacement Device swap’ feature would be fantastic and less input from a Tech.

Workstation is old and needs to be retired/swapped out.

logging into Immy after running the IMMYBOT PPKG file on the new device.
Have an option to “Clone” [like the Movie the 6th Day or Face off] from OLD to NEW device, Software being deactivated on old, and re-activated, device is either domain/Azure join and the user just needs to login/setup user specifics.

I’m sure it would be difficult to have this as an end result but could be a great feat.

Not sure I personally agree–when we get new machines for clients, there are often old versions of software that are no longer needed on the new system. We already have what is in fact needed set as deployments.

If you have your deployments all properly set, what advantage would this provide?

I think the major thing here is not ALL users have the same applications as each other within one business.
Even then not all users with one department will have one app either.

I’m all open to feed back if we have been utilising Immybot incorrectly, but I think ‘dropbox’ Adobe Acrobat, Nuance related software, Blubeam software, some users will have iTunes, some wont.

Whilst I understand installing the same version of the software which might be old and not desirable due to being a security risk, but installing the Latest version of that application or notification/feedback on what app was missed due to not being udpated or unused for a period/cut off date would be great.

I agree not all users have or need the same software–so we scope our deployments to make sure that people are supposed to get what they need and nothing more.

I’m looking to understand how ImmyBot which is designed to deploy new computers and then subsequently keep machines in a desired state can’t currently achieve what you’re looking to do? Other than software that isn’t in the repository (usually because it can’t easily be silently installed or patched) it certainly works quite well for us.

Perhaps I’m not explaining it correctly :slight_smile:
Whilst I undersand singular machines and certain items are easily caught and redeployed, I’m talking on a scale of 10+ devices,

Should Mary have Acrobat Professional,
Jim has Bluebeam and Itunes,
Aaron has Nuance PDF Converter, Bluebeam and iTunes

This is something which needs to be manually checked/sometimes redployed on individual maintence/deployment schedules.

If there was a task, to point to OLD device and NEW device, which it automatically scans/prompts for credentials/ licensing, deactived the software on the old device, and reactives on the new device with a cliek of the button it would be great

So the way we handle this currently is if we discover something is missing, we create a deployment for it, and target the appropriate group (or individual user), and deploy it. That way we aren’t deploying anything we don’t know a user actually needs.

The other way to handle this is to look at the assignable software on the old machine and create the deployments you actually want/need.

I get the temptation for the “easy button” but I can virtually guarantee it will result in unnecessary and improperly scoped deployments.

We have this from time to time as well. It would be nice to be able to mirror or take a template of whatever was in your example @Josh_Buckley for these kind of use cases.

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I understand that you make templates for missing software for users, but unfortunately in my experience, whilst equipment belongs to a business, users tend to move on, or move roles within the business and that changes perspectives on who the templates are created for.

My understanding is immybot was designed for user assignable software.

Where as we are seeing departments (internal business structures) are structured to ahve the same style/setup, and in majority of the cases users will go pluck a spare pc from used car sales and move it to parts department that means whole reconfiguration.

Example: If i could go, usedcarpc104 copy software/programs and features from partspc101 then it will install all software which the pc has, opposed to manual intervention in setting up deployments one at a time.

Where we can then “save” that deployment or clone as a department template so with immybot onboarding we can select a department and done.

This could be very beneficial when you have a new client thats onboarded also.

Ill create another feature request for onboarding new clients and understanding the software installed and potentially collecting frequently accessed websites to create a folder for links which a business access frequently to have create my mentioned template/clone configuration.

Sorry if im confusing you, but perhaps if its not making sense ready we could discuss it via video chat to make much more sense.