Reporting features

It’d be nice to have some kind of reporting features. The use-case would be to quantify the value of the subscription not only for our team, but I imagine it’d be useful for new Immy customers as well. To do this, we’d need to be able to report on the actual time tasks took to run, retries, failures, etc.

I would like to see reporting features as well. Are there any other feature requests that are similar with more votes?

I would like to see some reporting at an agent session / action level. nothing super fancy, but it would be nice to know if an agent failed a session / action x times in a row, or missed a session X times in a row. would be nice to be able to catch that in a filter script for a schedule.
for example, we run into issues with agents stacking up missed sessions because they are offline for a while ( travel laptop, or whatever the case may be) I would like to set a “skip if offline” on my Schedules, BUT I don’t want a machine to be offline every Sunday and not get patched for 6 months.

The action level stuff would be awesome for knowing where your actions need fixing, whether you have a bad download link, or some logic in your removal / detection script that needs shoring up.

it seems like most of the logic is probably already there in the dashboard. this seems like a very integral part of any desired state enforcement system, as it is hard to enforce anything without a report stating, it is indeed enforced.

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We have a need to provide patching reports for clients who are in audited environments that must adhere to evidenced levels of compliance. Immybot does a good job of keeping them at the level necessary to meet compliance, but the inability to pull a report that shows all information about software installed in a tenant creates a big challenge. We would like to pull a report showing the compliance level for managed applications including the version/release, and the version/release found of software that is not managed. All of this is viable in one view or another within Immybot, but we need to provide the client a report - optimally on a monthly basis, showing their status.


+1 to the poster above. All the info is there, just need a way to export.

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I have been requested for some form of report so my customer and submit that to ISO auditors.

I don’t think it would have to be anything massive, like Machine Name, Last date / Time connected, and date/time Last maintenance completed.

Would be great to have this, either for custom or pre-built reports, such as:

Number of devices in a tenant with SentinelOne, Adobe, etc.
Devices in a tenant running outdated versions of Win10/Win11.
Devices in a tenant exposed to unpatched vulnerabilities (CVEs)
Devices in Tenant/Cross Tenant that are repeatedly failing to be recognized in Immy.

The list is endless :smiley:

Although I would also like to see this level of reporting, in an audited environment you would really want another system to provide your Patch management auditing. Immy is an awesome tool to fill the deployment need, but IMO a separate system should be used for checks and balances. I can tell you all day that I am doing a great job, but without an outside source to confirm I am just blowing smoke up your rear . We use Connect Secure for such things. it is fairly cheap, for what it does and it has a lot of built in reports, as well as a report creator. it is a light weight agent, that can and does run up to the minute audits, as opposed to a scheduled weekly ( though it has that type of setup as well) it is built for MSP’s and the pricing reflects that.
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