"Restart If Necessary" - should be default?

I have had several deployments recently fail about halfway through onboarding, because one of the items needed the PC to reboot before continuing. I think it should be the default that all deployments reboot if necessary, instead of the current default which is “Supress”

Hate to tell you, but the majority of immy users that I know will disagree with you. As a tech, you should know when a reboot is likely to be required and you have the ability to select that. Suppress is and has been the default now for years because of “accidental reboots” caused by the prior default.

Maaaaaybe for onboarding… but yeah, like Dimitri mentioned, general maintenance should keep things suppressed to prevent accidents during business hours

If the ask is about the onboarding form, the default for the onboarding form is already “If necessary”

If you are having people on your team running onboarding sessions supressing reboots, you can try and help counter this by using the task “Stop Onboarding if Reboots are Suppressed” and ordering this as the first item.
This will cancel the onboarding session if reboots have not been allowed and can be used as a training mechanism to remind folks on your team to not supress reboots during onboarding.

I was more referring to for when THIS happens:

My idea being, if items were set by default to reboot if necessary for Onboardings, then this wouldn’t happen. Because there wouldn’t be any suppressed reboots causing this… So not the onboarding as a whole, but individual items that are suppressed causing this issue.

Why didn’t you include that in your first post, your post made it sound like the value of reboot preferences was not if necessary by default :wink:

That’s an MSI 1618 exit code, we are simply throwing a more user friendly message

This means somewhere in your session either an MSI got hung up or some other process kicked off msiexec.

Have you use the “Request Immy Support” button to provide session logs where you’ve seen this occurred so troubleshoot can be preformed to try and see what MSI installer may have gotten hung up?
Any custom software in your deployments that has an MSI that hangs and doesn’t exit?

Unnecessary killing/force restarting when msiexec is running is not ideal, better to find the root of what MSI installer is hanging during your onboarding sessions to cause the cascading failure.

1618s have been the bane of my existence lately lol

They are 90% of the time from Windows updates. Super annoying that there’s no real stable way to just tell the Windows Installer process to stop without having to reboot.