Rhino 8 Deployment

Rhino 8 is out - would be great to add this for deployment as currenly only 5,6 and 7 are in immy

I for one, agree with this statement

@Josh_Weiss / @Dillon_Octopod are you guys able to obtain their installer download links from their portal and do you know if they might work when authed? Or maybe another method to get their installers?
@Jason_Lang you use Rhino as well right?

Looks like they have removed all their public facing installers that both 6 and 7 in global dynamic version script is borked now due to them hiding them away!

Hey Gav, I had noticed that the dynamic version script had stopped working and was adding new versions as they were released. I logged into a Rhino account and got the download link for Rhino 8, here it is.


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can the 6 and 7 versions be turned into static versioning with working links? or would we have to try and make our own.

@jkil do you know of any publicly accessible download links or an API that could be used to obtain the installers since the vendor changed the behaviour and locked them down?

We need to be able to publicly obtain the installer or by means of an API.
If we can find this the global deployment dynamic version script can be updated. If we can’t obtain the installer then we may need to deprecate the global ones now the vendor removed the ability to obtain the installers placing them behind a “paywall”.

Rhino 5 Url:

Rhino 6:

Rhino 7:

These are the static URLs.

How would we go about obtaining those dynamically?
Where was your source to find those?

@Gav I thought the ask was to have these versions static. Do these versions still get updates to warrant dynamic versions? I created a login and got these, they seem to work without credentials.

We need to be able to obtain the static versions on-going to be able to support the software in the global repo, if we don’t have public access to obtain newer versions we can’t maintain the software in global.

I’ve tested these URLs in a private browser session and they were able to download. So as far as I can tell the URLs themselves are public, their website just makes you log in if you want to acquire them manually.

@Dakota_Lewis spot on, that’s the root issue at play, we don’t have a login to obtain the updated installers.
If there is an API way to hit it to obtain them, then we could look into that.

I’ve added the static version to 6 and 7 (5 isn’t in global) for now to get them going, but longer term this is still an issue to keep them up to date.

@Dakota_Lewis if you can provide us some credentials for testing, we’d love to see if we can get some parameters added for auth (if possible).

The account I created was actually just using the “sign up with your Google account” option lol

I’ll see if I can make a more shareable one

Dynamic version script is up, found
…in browser dev tools.