SAP Business One Install?

I’m curious if anyone has attempted package up SAP Business One installer? Before I go down the possibly painful path of trying, thought I’d reach out to see if anyone was successful or not.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know why its like this, as I did this in a rush years ago, but my entire install script for SAP B1 is the following:
$installprocess = Start-Process -FilePath "$InstallerFile" -ArgumentList "/s /sms" -Wait -NoNewWindow -PassThru

Your milage may vary.

Packaging SAP in general is painful. I managed to create one for SAP GUI 7.60, installing the app is fine. But if you want to make sure every new user gets the correct server settings, you’re basically stuck with mounting the default registry, dumping a whole load of settings into it, unmounting, and dropping all the config files into the default appdata. It’s extremely messy. I’m sure SAP have their own special way of achieving this that our customers are locked out of.

Thanks for the feedback, I have something similar working in our RMM. Requires connection to LAN so it can install directly from the server. I was just debating if it was worth trying to package up all the installers including pre-requisites and Crystal Reports etc. Not sure it’s worth it though, can tell you not much has changed from v7 to v10 when it comes to installation, still very much a PIA. Thanks for chiming in!