Schedule Multiple Specific Maintenance Items

Currently, you can only create schedules for Full Maintenance or limited to a single specific maintenance item.

It might be beneficial if there was an option to add multiple maintenance items, which would decrease the amount of schedules that are needed.

Use cases that came up:

Browser(s) Maintenance - Flexibility to schedule all browsers to install updates instead of relying on a full maintenance
Toolset Maintenance - Flexibility to schedule entire MSP tool sets to ensure they are installed.

Just thoughts, my use cases are probably irrelevant. :smiley:

I came here to request something similar - I would love to see Deployment Groups. Right now we need to patch Chrome/Edge/Firefox/other items being added to a growing list of fixes for the latest CVSS 10.0 0-day. It would be awesome to add a bunch of deployments to a group and then deploy that group everywhere, without the overhead of everything else in our maintenance list.

Alternatively, tags could be applied to deployments, although that could get confusing from a user experience point of view.

This would address your request too as you would be able to target a Deployment Group.

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Absolute must-have IMO.
This would easily allow us to define high risk deployments that need to be regularly patched vs low priority ones or more interruptive ones.

We’ve wanted the same thing. This would add more flexibility with scheduling items based on priority at different times of the day/week.

This would be a great idea.