Schedule offline behavior - apply on connect expiration/detection window

I’d like to be able to set a cutoff time for “Apply on connect” offline behavior when using schedules.

It’s also not very clear what happens if the machine comes on after the execute time, does it run D+E phases immediately?

It would good to have a cutoff or expiration time for the Apply on connect window for schedules

Sample schedule is:
Detection runs Tuesdays @ 4:45PM ET, Execution @ 10PM ET
I’d like for systems that come online during this detection window (Between Detection and Execution window ONLY) to run the detection step and notify the user.

The other user scenario is the system is online during the detection window but they don’t see the email until the next day and missed the 10PM execution window. How long does that pending session sit (assuming no Apply on Connect) and can the user click “update now” in that email notice the following day to run on demand maintenance when they want?